WUF: Upcycle your Community (midterm article)

The project started in August and 6 months have passed since the start of the project. In the past months we have been working on 12 different items to upcycle and recycle. We conducted this project in private homes with the support of Leidy Cortez, one volunteer.

Each month we upcycled/recycled two different items for which we consequently wrote articles in order to create a blog to present and share the steps and results achieved during the activities.

Consequently, we had meetings with different professionals in order to brainstorm about the Masterclasses and the workshops.

The first Master class was set on the 25th of January to explain the concept of the project and show previous results and activities done, to give a better understanding of the overall project.

In the beginning, the project was supposed to happen at Fablab but since it was not allowed due to COVID to have the activities in person it was adjusted and implemented online.

The first master class was a success since we had 9 interested participants and it was very interactive.

The professional speakers introduced themselves and showed the toolkit they prepared for the first workshop. The toolkit will be available at OCC for every person who wishes to participate in the workshops.

The fact that there is a toolkit with tools that are needed for the workshop,  allows the online workshop to be very lively. Furthermore, Leidy Cortez introduced herself and described her experience with the previous activities.

In the end, we had a Q&A session. Subsequently, an Instagram page was created to attract participants from Barcelona and promote the activities. We professionally produced flyers and made very well designed posts.

However, our last activity, the vintage market “El Flea”, will happen outdoors as it allowed in the middle of April.