WUF: Upcycle your Community

The Upcycle your community/WUF project primary aim is to strengthen the knowledge and awareness of the benefits of inclusive eco-friendly alternatives across a wide range of participants.

WUF was created by young people interested in art and upcycling to raise consciousness on sustainable alternatives, especially among young people with fewer opportunities such as migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, hoping to foster their overall social inclusion into their new society.

This project is determined to disseminate the benefits of upcycling in order to produce creative every-day items, to share different methods that can be used to upcycle any object. Various professional speakers come together in order to share their knowledge and information about which way is the best to create upcycled materials from used goods.

Moreover, the project encourages people to learn how to use different machines in order to create a new item and support sustainable development. Reusing secondary products will avert the environmental impacts related to the production of new products.

Furthermore, through the collaboration between Fablab and Open Cultural Center, the project aims to encourage migrants and refugees to express their feelings through art and sustainability, while developing their creativity.

Through a series of workshops, masterclasses, and participation in a Flea market in Barcelona, local communities benefit from this project by being more aware of the upcycling methods available to them through reducing waste and living a more sustainable life. The collaboration made it possible to host two workshops named `Magic machines” and the other “Free your imagination”.

These two workshops were a great success and the participants showed great interest, and good results. In order to keep this dynamic going on and to push this idea further, Open Cultural Center offered to support them furthermore in creating regular workshops, through this application for a Solidarity Project.

All considering, young European migrants who live in Catalonia who are interested in addressing one of the main challenges that the world is currently facing, want to disseminate knowledge on strategies to reduce and reuse the waste that is available at home.

Environmental awareness is not an option, but a necessity and it is essential to make itself known in all areas of everyday life. This is also an opportunity to strengthen the local community and develop intercultural dialogue.